WoWExp is India's leading Metaverse and GenAI company,

Trusted by PwC India, Unilever and Dell.

We offer No-code immersive platform for online meetings and online stores.


Attend online meetings, conduct interviews, and facilitate onboarding processes through WoWMeet. AI-Based Avatars offer an enhanced customer experience, transitioning from traditional chatbots to immersive metaverse interactions. Events and exhibitions can be organized within the metaverse for both companies and individuals.


Businesses can establish a presence in WoWCity, renting spaces to connect with customers and showcase their products. Additionally, they can utilize advertising to engage with consumers and facilitate transactions across various items. Customers can enjoy immersive walkthrough experiences in the city, exploring its offerings

Customized AR/VR solutions

In Real Estate AR/VR (B2B2C), experience augmented model flats, design homes/offices, and utilize photogrammetry for immersive exploration. Tourism (B2B2C) offers virtual experiences of national parks, museum tours, beach visits, and exploration of artifacts within the metaverse. Fashion (B2B2C) enables avatar ramp walks


Welcome to WoW FinGPT , your ultimate financial analysis tool powered by Generative AI. Our cutting-edge technology is designed to assist investors and traders in making informed decisions and seizing growth opportunities in the market. It offers fundamental analysis. technical analysis and sentiment analysis and much more.

Partnerships and Clients


No-code Platform

You can create your own platform using WoWExp's No-code platform.

AI-Based Avatars

WoWExp offers AI-based avatars for the metaverse. These avatars can interact with customers, provide assistance and engage in conversations.

Immersive Experience

It offers immersive experiences in the metaverse, such as virtual tours, walkthroughs and meetings.

VR Device Friendly

It is also VR-friendly, which means you can use it on your Oculus and other VR devices.

Technology & Patents

Powered by the latest Generative AI, it offers a very smart and intelligent platform which can understand your voice and gestures, answer your questions and summarize the discussions.

Free Trial

You can get a free trial of WoWExp's platform.